Adventures in upcycling

As some of you may know, I have been attempting to redecorate my office space for some time now. I started the process last summer when I began to throw out loads of junk I didn't need or want anymore, I then grabbed some old paint from the shed and revamped the walls. The walls were an awful bright yellow colour so the pastel green and purple are definitely a welcome change!

My office space is actually in my loft, and if anything, it is more of a junk room that I have claimed a corner of, however with all the old furniture that has been piled up there, I am sure I can convert it into the office of my dreams! 



Everywhere I look at the moment, I am inundated with wedding photos. It seems as if the world and its mother are all getting married - people younger than me, people that have only known each other for five minutes; meanwhile I am edging closer to thirty, and I am yet to find someone that I can tolerate being around for more than ten seconds.

I would love to get married, but the older I get the more I start to believe that it is never going to happen.  I am a socially awkward weirdo who would rather spend all her time inside... it's hard to meet new people when you don't venture outside your own comfort zone very often.

Even though I am probably going to die alone, surrounded by cats and piles of unread books, I still can't help but want to plan my dream wedding.  I have a whole bunch of ideas, and as I am probably never going to get married, I invite you all to scroll through this post of fantasy and pretend you are at the worlds greatest wedding.



I was a little nervous about posting my last book review. I didn't enjoy the book - nor was I overly keen on the writing style. I didn't want to bash the book, because no book, no matter how terrible deserves to be bashed. It takes great skill to be able to sit down and write a novel from start to finish, and everyone who manages to do this deserves to be commended.  If it was easy, I would have done it by now, haha! 

The thing is, although I didn't want to bash the book, I didn't want to praise it either. 


Blog Tour || Entrapped - Claire Ayres

Today I am welcoming Claire Ayres and Entrapped to Kirstiekinsblogs! Thank you to Jenny and Neverland Blog Tours for giving me the opportunity to break out of my reading habits, and read something new - I would never have read this on my own, but I am glad I did.

Scroll down to the end of this post for your chance to win a signed copy of Entrapped!