I Live for the.. APPLAUSE

Today marks the comeback of our very own Mother Monster, and what a way to do it! The single was released early after Gaga declared a 'pop emergency' last week due to numerous leaks of Applause. However this only added to the anticipation of the video, that was released today! First airing on Good Morning America earlier today, the video has since racked up nearly 3 million views on youtube. Little Monsters around the world have been fangirling over Applause since it's release, and are now trying to beat One Directions record for the most views in one day. STD's song 'The best song ever', which to be completely honest should have been named 'what the fuck is this crap? Lets just sing about a bunch of shit, because little girls love our faces, and then rip off Blink 182's video, gained 12.3 million on it's release date, which means Little Monsters have a lot of work to do. But we can do it, right? 

So lets discuss the video!
It's fucking amazing, I jizzed rainbows and glitter. Honest. 

It wouldn't be a Gaga video without at least 5 costume changes, and a 90's style dance routine, and lucky for us this video has both! I counted 10 different outfits all of which were the fucking tits! Gaga rolling around, and dancing in her underwear is easily my favourite, closely followed by the seashells and wild blonde hair! She looks fierce and ready to once again take the pop world by storm! There is no doubt that Gaga is the queen of pop!  You can tell that someone has been putting 67265% into her physio with the dance moves that she is throwing out in this video! 

This could be my English lit/Media Alevel speaking, but with subtle references to her older iconic imagery throughout the video,  (Seashell thing = Mermaid in You and I,  The blonde/yellow hair, white outfit reminds me of the monster ball, she has a big pole type cone thing = disco stick) we are being given the impression, that she is moving away from her older sound/imagery, and moving on to something new, which is what A.R.T.P.O.P is all about. 
It becomes more of a hint when she walks out of the purple triangle light thing, dressed almost bride like! To me this says "Yo bitches, I've married the night! I'm now walking away from this and moving onto something new" which is basically what she is doing. 

There is also a massive black swan, with GAGA'S HEAD! Referencing Swan lake Gaga? Or do you just like swans? Is this your way of 

trying to tell us that you have had an evil sorcerer put a spell on you, and you need our help? Haha! If I rescue you, does that mean we can get married? 

Okay! Enough wishful thinking Kirstie! 

Overall, this video is pretty fucking amazing, and if I'm perfectly honest I wouldn't change a thing, except MORE SEASHELL NAKEDNESS!! If I looked that hot in a seashell bikini I would wear it every day! 

Gaga, has also had some competition with rival artist Katy Perry, as the pair both chose to make their comebacks only a week apart! See how the pair battled it out right here!

Watch the video below, and then let me know what you think! Was I right about the outfits? How many did you count?  Comment below, or tweet me @IAmKirstieKins

You can now buy her single 'Applause' and pre order the app/album on iTunes! 

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