King of the booth!

Party planning is what I do best, I like to have everything perfect down to the last little detail! As my 21st birthday is just around the corner I am putting myself to the challenge of planning the best party in the history of the entire universe! From a young age I have wanted to make each birthday better than the last, and as you only turn 21 once ( the same with every other age) I decided that I wanted to make this birthday extra special.  Although I didn't have a party last year, it is still going to be pretty hard to beat as I got to see one of my favourite bands live for the first time!  (Mayday Parade, The Peel in Kingston, it was awesome, Derek grabbed my hand).


 So basically here is the scenario:  My mum is throwing me a party, and I want to make it awesome.  People love cool unusual things at parties, and you will always get someone mentioning it a few years later… “Hey Kirstie, do you remember that KFC party you had a few years ago?”.  Yeah that actually happened.  For my 18th I had a big party at my house and my dad went out and came back with about 10 family size bargain buckets. 

Seriously, I keep getting distracted.  

Party stuff!! I went to this place near my house that has restaurants, bowling, cinema and whatever else! After eating, we decided to climb inside a photo booth and show off our beautiful faces, and then *insert Grew from despicable me’s voice* LIGHTBULB!! I could totally get a photo booth for my party!  After some serious Googling, (and a few milkshakes) I found Kingofthebooth.co.uk. Based in the Essex area, and also working within London, Hertfordshire and Kent, they come to you with a fully equipped photo booth, which you can have at birthday parties, weddings, or any other occasion. Big enough for you and all your friends, you can climb inside and use the props to create high quality images that can printed for you there and then. You can build your own package (at cheap and affordable prices) based around what you want, including a guestbook that your guests can put photos and messages in, of which will leave you with long lasting memories forever!
Psst.. They've also had a celebrity bookings too! 
I love photos, my bedroom walls are covered with photos of my friends and I from random occasions! So I think these will be some awesome, funny additions! And of course they will be unique… who else do you know that has had a photo booth at their party?

They're on Facebook & They have there own website too!  

Seriously guys, you should check them out. If you don't, I will pee on everything you love

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