This is how to be a heartbreaker!

I went to a BBQ on Sunday, and I could swear Marina Diamandis (Marina and the diamonds) was there! Every time she walked past me, I wanted to jump up and ask her for the last part of Electra Heart. Needless to say I kept my sanity and settled for singing "How to be a Heartbreaker"... rather loudly. Over and over.  She was completely ambivalent towards me which in my crazy messed up head could mean one of two things... She either thought I was a weirdo and didn't have a fucking clue what I was singing, or she actually was Marina and she didn't want to blow her cover. I'm hoping it was the second one, that would be so cool. 

Anyway, as a result of this my head has been a one man Marina disco party, featuring hits such as "I am not a robot", "Bubblegum bitch" and "Shampain", which has got me wondering as to why she hasn't boomed in the music industry. 

In my opinion, Marina (and the diamonds) is so unbelievably underrated, her unique sound brings something to todays chart, that hasn't been seen for a while.  She has the capability of going from pink bubblegum pop princess, to dark and mysterious as proven by her Electra Heart  video series.  I really look forward to hearing her what her next album has in store.

You can pick up her first two albums  'The Family Jewels' and 'Electra Heart' on iTunes now! or if you are like me and prefer your music to come on disks... you can probably buy it at your local music store!

For a run down analysis of Electra Heart click here, you wont be disappointed. 

Now lets dance party together...    

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