VMA's Best and Worst Dressed!

Unfortunately, I fell asleep last night just as the VMA's were starting. I wasn't going to watch it, due to my dodgy internet connection, but let me tell you... MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! My internet speed picked up, and BOOM, it was like I was a Nascar or something! The final celebrities were just taking their steps into the spotlight, AND I FELL ASLEEP! So I didn't get to watch the award show itself, which actually sucks, but here is my list of the best and worst dressed celebs


The red carpet was amazing! Although I didn't have a clue who many of them were (probably due to their lack of fame) I still managed to spot out a few phenomenal looking faces!

Swiftickles looked stunning, I think she has finally shook  her teenage repertoire, and people are finally seeing her for the (fiercely hot) woman she is! Go Taylor!! <3  And the Same thing happened with Selena Gomez, she has definitely gone through some kind of womanafiyingness since I lase saw her!  

Aside from her hair Gaga looked AMAZEBALLS! Long, flowing and and just the right amount of cleavage, Gaga's dress was just epic, however I can't help but wonder if it would have looked better if it were strapless, hmm.


I feel as if our own Ellie Goulding, was whipping out her inner Angelina Jolie last night, as that leg of hers went on for miles! However the lack of neckline did not do anything for her, I thought I could hear her boobs screaming "let us out, its hot in here and and we're squashed! LET US BREATHE FOR FUCK SAKE". But in all seriousness, she did look pretty hot.

HOLY GUYS!!! Ariana Grande looked SO ADORABUBBLE!! I just wanna squish her cheeks and be like awwww!!! Her cute little baby face, and just njhdvgbkjewhgjh

I could take or leave Iggy Azaleas dress, but her face! Damnnnn gurl was pretty. Maybe if her dress didn't match the colour of her hair... RED! That dress would have been stunning in a deep red!

That random woman, who I have no clue who she is in the half sparkly half fluffy dress, was amazingly stunning and beautiful. If you know who she is, please let me know! This dress is the very definition of business in the front, party in the back!! AGH, I LOVE!!!

Worst Dressed.

They don't want to look nice for the red carpet? I don't want to write them an intro...

1STD looked douchey as ever, no one wants to see a 12 year old with his chest out... Harry #Just saying. And as for the rest of them... you could have tried a little bit harder, you're at an award show, wear a suit or something!

. Katy Perry's grills did it for me on this. Whether you are taking the piss or not, if something does not look good, do not wear it! And quite frankly, grills do not look good on anyone. And that high collared dress? Get out now, you look foolish.

I did not/nor do I want to understand Miley's onesie type thing. (I think shes having a mid-fame crisis), plus her hair looked my little brother did it.

                 I didn't know Snooki was Black.

What do you think? Do you agree? is there anyone that I've missed, who you think deserves to be on of the lists!!
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