I have discovered something new and awesome! No it's not my amazing new Kath Kidston mug, but it should be!  

I treated myself to a new mug, because if you haven't heard... I'm sick.  I am a massive fan of Kath Kidston, I have actually been told that I have a problem as I pretty much want to own everything!!   

I don't know if you guys know, but when you buy a new mug you have to buy some new tea too! It's like a law or something, I think it's written in the constitution!  Anyway, I am really fussy when it comes to my tea, especially the flavours, not too strong, not too strawberryish ect... ect... 

I was in the middle of having an argument in mind about whether to get a green tea or a chamomile when I came across this cool little bottle called 'fruitbroo'. It's like honey but not, it's fruity goo stuff in a bottle, which is given away by the name and all you do is add boiling water!    

Okay, so it's not technically tea but I found it in the tea section! And I have to admit that it is really awesome!  I suppose you could even mix it into existing tea flavours and create something cool and new for yourself! 

I was really skeptical when I first made it, I didn't know if the teaspoon of goo that it suggested was going you be enough or too much, but it was!   The flavour remained the same throughout, it didn't go all watery and bland towards the end like most teas! 

So in conclusion, go buy this fruitbroo from the tea isle  and then let me know what you think. 

And also in even more of a conclusion... MY MUG IS THE BEST!! 

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Your style of writing is really refreshing and I'll be definitely searching for this "fruitboo" stuff :)


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