National suicide prevention week!

This past week has been national suicide prevention week (NSPW).  I have been meaning to write a post since Monday, but I just couldn't find the right words to express my feelings.
There are 800,000 recorded suicides each year, and that is 800,000 too many.  Although I as I'm sure many of us want to, you cannot physically stop everyone from taking their own life! However we can offer help, support and guidance to those that feel suicide is there only option.  
This is where NSPW plays a big part! I'm sure you are thinking, how can one week make a difference to so many people? Well it's easy really!  NSPW aims to educate the public on helplines/websites they can visit for help if they are feeling suicidal. You see, if more people knew about the help that was avaliable to them, there would be less suicides.   
I'm a rational person though, and I know that just because the help is there, it doesn't meant that people are necessarily going to take it! But with the right advertising, more people may be willing to ask for

To Write Love on her Arms, a well known suicide prevention charity runs a campaign where they get supporters to write the word 'love' on their arms every NSPW. To me this is an effective way to spread the message and to get people interested too!  Each year they also spread a small message, to help all of those who see it! This year the message is "you cannot be replaced" Which is true. There is only one of you, and it's your job in life to become the best you, that you could possibly be!

I'm not an expert on suicide, but I have had first hand experience with it.  Sitting up at night talking to people from all over the world, helping them get through their bad time. As well as having a mentally unstable ex-best friend of whom I genuinley wanted to help! But she ended up putting  all of her crazyness on me, and saying that I should be locked away, when in reality it should have been her. (Long story for another post)  
But the point of this is, I'm not just another bumbling idiot claiming that they care, and want to help, and then don't. I
want to offer any help and support I can to anyone who needs it!  So please if you feel the need to reach out to me, do it, I'm only a tweet or a DM a way.   

As well as supporting TWLOHA, I have set up my own little organisation called spreading joy/notes if love! I havent really decided yet. It's where I stick notecards all over the place, to make people feel happy and I have now finally sorted out a mailing list, where I can send people joy and whatever in their inbox! So please click the link above and sign up for that! 

Suicide doesn't have to be an option.  And if you feel like it is, please do not hesitate to ask for help. 


  1. I'm so glad to see a post on this. It seems like suicide is often something that people don't want to talk about.. but the more we communicate about it the more we are able to address the issue and try to prevent it from happening. It's awesome that you've started your own organization! About to sign up for your mailing list!

    1. Thank you! It annoys me that governments spend so much money on advertising/helping this, that or the other, but they do hardly anything to help those in danger of suicide. You can't even get an appointment to see a mental health advisor for at least six months! Surely that says something about the lack of help given to the people that need it! Sorry, haha //Rant over!
      Thanks for signing up! I really want to make a difference, so even if I brighten a few peoples day by sending them an inspirational email, then that is good enough for me! :)

  2. This is a great post, well done you for speaking out and helping a really good cause that should be talked about more :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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