'I'm sick' Shopping haul

I planned on writing a few posts this week, however I have been consumed with illness and the feeling that I was going to die! Sad times for Kirstie.  Okay, I'm being a little over dramatic there but when you're coughing like a bitch and it feels like you have swallowed a cheese grater, thoughts of death are pretty frequent!  

I'm pretty bad at shopping... Well that's a lie! I'm actually pretty awesome at shopping, I just shouldn't be allowed to have money, because I buy EVERYTHING! (Post coming soon). I shuffled down the road to the nearest supermarket and bought a bunch of stuff that I thought would help, although in hindsight I just bought a bunch of shit.  

Sainsburys adult cough syrup: I still can't decide if it's nice or not! 

Cherry menthol sweets: I still can't eat/drink anything that is remotely cherry!  (Bad drunken experience) 

Vapour rub: I have no idea where to out this. 

Soft and chewy vitamins:  probably should have bought them before I got sick. Apparently these are for children, however I saw the sign '3+' and I'm 21 in two weeks so I'm more than old enough to take these! 

Tissues: pretty much self explanatory. 

And I didn't buy the antibiotics, but they had been floating around my room for a while, so I figured I would put them to good use. 

I probably should have bought some cold and flu medication. Or something more useful. 

Just incase you're wondering... I'm still very sick. 

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