Who am I?

That is the dreaded question that everyone hates! On nearly every website you are given 140 characters to write something about yourself that will make people think "Oh this person is interesting lets see what they're up to". I usually write the same bullshit wherever I go but in all honesty I don't think the world cares that I like macaroni cheese and tea, which kind of sucks because I like those facts about me. I can eat an entire pan of macaroni, not because I'm greedy, but because I love it so much that I hate to see it go to waste! 

Humans are constantly growing and changing so the the fact we are given 140 characters is a bit of a piss take! We are always  learning new things about ourselves, and we want to tell people about these new discoveries, but how do we express them if there isn't any space to do so! 

I say this because I attempted to send a tweet today (@IAmKirstieKins) only I ran out of characters, and then I wanted to change something in my bio and once again I ran out of characters! I understand not being able to write massive paragraphs on twitter because it isn't a blogging website, however 140 characters is a little stingy too. What I want to know is who decided that 140 characters was the maximum you're allowed to have to say what you want to say. 

Anyway  //rant over. 
I hate the 140 character rule

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