Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks gave an amazingly heartbreaking performance in his latest cinema release Captain Phillips.

This evening I dragged my friend Daniel to the cinema to see a movie I have been wanting to see for quite a while, Captain Phillips. Based on a true story, Richard Phillips and his crew were seiged by a group of Somali pirates as their cargo ship moved around Africa. However not everything went as smoothly as the Somalians hoped for as the crew faught back before  Phillips was ultimately captured and taken back to Somalia. 

Hanks starred alongside first time Somalian actors (of whoms names I can't even pronounce, let alone spell) all of which had the audience gripped to their seats for the entire movie! Their portrayals of the people who faced this tragic event back in 2009, was entirely realistic and moving down to the last little details. 

I would honestly recommend that anyone and everyone should see this movie before it leaves the cinema , as it's one of Tom Hanks' greatest works!

However, I can't help but wonder that if  a country allows their citizens the right to bare arms, why a cargo ship going through such a risky area didn't have any protection in the form of weapons!  If they had a sniper rifle on board, the whole thing could have been avoided! 

Anyway, the movie is awesome, Tom Hanks is awesome, the perspective is awesome, and it is just an awesome heartbreakingly heartfelt moving adaption  of true events! Go watch it! 

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