Happy national cat day!


Today is national cat day! Puurrrrrfect! 
I love my cats Dexter and Princess, although Princess sadly passed on a few months ago, doesn't mean I love her any less!  
Princess was a very perculiar cat, as she liked to sit in the rain, would chase absoloutley nothing, and meow at the dark... Dexter is just a soppy old fart. He has a face like someone has permenently pissed him off! Which means he looks like the Grinch.   Okay I may have zoomed in on this photo, but you get what I mean! However even though he is grumpy, he will do anything for food!  I also think he thinks he is a dog.... He plays fetch!!

Send me photos of your feline friends via twitter @iamkirstiekins  and we can celebrate national cat day the right way... Sitting at home alone procastinating about our cats online whilst they sleep/demand food! 

Peace out xo 

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