I went to Manchester!

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you will probably know that I went to Manchester on Sunday! (If you don't follow me on twitter then you probably should... @iamkirstiekins)

Before Sunday I had only ever been to Manchester once, and that was to see Lady Gaga at the MEN, she was amazing! I took my shirt off and threw it at her and she looked at me and omg! #monsterpitt  Anyway, when I was queuing for Lady Gaga, I made a cool friend, so I went to visit her! Yay! 

The coach ride was interesting, as it smelt like old people and my tights ripped! However it wasn't until that point I remembered that Manchester was in the northern part of England... I knew it was north of London, but I forgot how much further north it was, and north generally means colder, which means wearing shorts probably wasn't the best idea! 

I kept myself amused on the coach by live'gramming my journey, until I realised I had 30% battery left, so the Starbucks at Keele services came in handy when we stopped there! 

I finally got to Manchester at half 1, after been on the coach for four and a half hours and I met Hannah! (Yay)  Where we went on a shopping, pizza, Machete kills fun day! 

Probably should have taken a more appealing photo
Being a born and bred Londoner, I find going to other cities and towns outside of London really interesting as I never really leave the city that much, and when I do, it's usually to go down south!  I love leaving London as everyone is usually a lot more polite and they aren't miserable fucks but at the same I miss the city, going to a small town in the middle of nowhere is scary for me, partly because I can't get a decent phone signal, but mainly because everything just seems so desolate! I think that's why I love Manchester, it's a city that is like London, but it's not London! It has so much history (just like the capital) but it has all the qualities of not being London, such as nicer people! (Haha!) 
I have a theory that kids in London grow up miserable because everyone around them is miserable! 

The only thing that let's Manchester down is the fact that it's always raining, and it's so windy! Although Hannah did say that they had a good summer, to which I replied "for the hour that it stopped it raining!"  She wasn't amused... I'm probably right! (Haha) 

After Hannah left I had an hour to kill before my coach left, so I decided to risk getting lost and take a walk around! My inner History nerd decided to take over and became obsessed with everything especially this little street by the Cathedral, as well as some old school buildings!

Luckily I didn't get lost and I found my way back to coach station to catch my coach back to ye'olde London! 

I wish I didn't have to go home, but hopefully I can go back sooner or later! 

Peace out xoxo 

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