Let's get personal!

I feel like I need to write something, but I'm not sure what, I opened up my laptop and found myself staring at this blank page. Thoughts battling against each other, all trying to be heard, but nothing was sticking out.

I suppose that's a bad thing, considering I call myself a writer. I should be able to spurt out perfectly formed sentences and works of literary genius, but I can't. It doesn't work that way, well at least not for me anyway. Sometimes I can pick up a pen and I'll be able to write for hours about everything and nothing, but other times I can stare at a screen or piece of paper and write absolutely nothing. I guess this is a blog post about absolutely nothing. I wanted to write something meaningful and full of emotions, try to make my blog a little more personal... talk about myself for once! However I can't think of anything to write.

Writing has always been my go to thing, no matter what I have tried to do in my life, if/when I've failed writing has been the one thing that I've rediscovered, and each time I say to myself "I'm not going to let it get away from me this time, this is my thing, not all these other ventures". But I suppose it takes a bunch of failed attempts at skiing, dancing, radio broadcasting, web designing, and whatever else to realise what it is you're good at. I'm so glad I went to university a year later than what I should have, because otherwise I would have been stuck doing a course I would have lost interest for. Media Studies and film. It sounded so interesting and at the time I loved it, I wanted to work within every aspect of the media, but now I can't stand it! The media bend and twist the truth so they can make money, and it's not fair. I stopped buying magazines a long time ago, because even the 'real' people in these magazine are fake!  Okay, this isn't a rant about the media, so I'll shut up now. But I'm sure you get where I am coming from! I'm now studying Creative Writing and History, which is amazing! I get to write about whatever I want, and learn about cool stuff that happened a long time ago! I really am a giant nerd. Emphasis on the word GIANT.

Anyway, I don't really know where this is supposed to be going, most of the thoughts that were in my head when I started to write this have now been replaced with others, and my eyes are slowly closing! Hopefully there will be some more of this stuff heading your way soon! Maybe I'll even share some writing with you!

Peace out xo

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