Penelope Bynes: the pumpkin!

Yesterday was the first time in my 21 years I had carved a pumpkin, and I can tell you now, I've never felt to scarily powerful in my life! Maybe it was the fact I  was stabbing the heck out of a pumpkin, over and over.... Or maybe it was because I had no adult supervision! I am the adult these days, so I don't need adult supervision for anything! Wooo!

As I had never carved a pumpkin, I had no idea how to do it, so I pretty much just went for it! I grabbed a selection of knifes from my kitchen, and started planning my pumpkin massacre!  The only boundary I had was my creativity, and that is a never end mass of  everything, so I pretty much had no limits! 

The knife got stuck a few times, and then the eye kept messing up, resulting in my carving a vagina shape...  I then resulted to murdering said vagina with my knife, hence forth she adopted the name Penelope 'The pumpkin' Bynes...

The worst part of pumpkin carving is having to clear out all the inside gunk. It's a never ending pit of disgustingness, and the smell lingers for hours afterwards... but I suppose its worth it if you get to create a supercool scary pumpkin face! 
Once you have hacked your pumpkin to pieces, and made her look scary, you can put a bunch of tea lights inside, and then marvel over your finished masterpiece! 

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