Student lock in!

Being a student is quite often hard work! Not only do you have to worry about getting to class on time and doing all your coursework, but you have to manage what little finances you have left after after paying rent, phone bills, travel costs ect... However last night wasn't a time for worrying about finances, as Intu Uxbridge held it's much anticipated student lock in! 

The formally known Chimes shopping centre, was closed to the general public from 7.30pm until 10.30pm for an event like no other! After entertainment from DJ Moses (?) the queue of people that had been waiting for hours were finally let in! Guests were greeted by 70's style disco dancers on stilts as they walked into the now 70's disco nightclub themed shopping centre!  Thousands of students, myself included were amazed by the shopping centre as there was no one but students in the centre! The screaming children being dragged along by their parents had been replaced with twenty year olds deciding over which shoes to buy!  

Famous high street shops such as Topshop, H&M, River Island, Office and many more were offering huge discounts to all students, as well as various stands were set up offering free popcorn, sweets, and ice cream to anyone who came to the event! A pop up bar courtesy of the slug and lettuce also had flocks of student drawn to it, serving the best cocktails at cheap prices! and the upper floor was home to a Jager bar, yes that's right! Jager bombs in a shopping centre!

I originally only went to buy a new hat, as mine has sadly seen better days, however that plan didn't go too well as I kept finding bargain after bargain! And I'm so glad that each person got to bring a plus one, as I don't think we would have made it through the night if it wasn't for my friends boyfriend carrying all our bags, on multiple occasions (sorry Lewis)

I honestly can't wait until the next student lock in, because I had so much fun at last nights!

Want to find out what I bought? well look no further! Click HERE to find out!

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