2 days until ARTPOP

With only 2 days remaining, that doesn't leave us with much time left together! (You could always follow me, and see what I get up to when I'm not going Gaga crazy!) This past week and a half as been pretty exciting, what with the album being released on Monday!

Today we're going to be looking at 2 famous Gaga duets! She has had a number of people feature on her tracks, so it has been pretty hard to do this one, however I finally narrowed it down to my two favourites!

2. Telephone/Ft Beyonce
From her 2009 album The Fame Monster, and released as single in 2010, Gaga is accompanied by Beyonce in this chart busting hit! With an amazing video to match Telephone is an iconic Gaga song, known by many, and loved by more!  Although we're all still waiting for that anticipated part 2

1. Tony Bennett// Lady is a Tramp// FT Lady Gaga
This is by far my favourite song that Gaga is featured on, released in 2011 for Tony Bennett's duets album, Gaga brings an original 1920's feel to this 1930's hit! Her  New York Jazz style voice is like no other, as she accompanies Tony, and I would love to see them work together again! The fact that Gaga can transform herself into any character she wants, is pure genius as she can be Dramatic Jazz star in one instant, and then a heavy metal bicker chick the next!

I wish I could speak about more of her duets, but as it's day two I can only talk about two things!
tomorrow is the last day! But don't be sad, it's all going to be fine!
See you then!

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