3 days until ARTPOP

Holy shit guys, there is only 3 more says to wait for ARTPOP's official release! 

Gaga had three other albums before ARTPOP, and in celebration of ARTPOP's release we are going to rip the time space continuum and go back to a time where Gaga was just bursting onto our radios and filling our heads with catchy beats!

Her debut Glam-rock meets pop album The Fame, was released way back in 2008 of which included 'Just dance' and 'Poker Face' gaining her international success almost over night! it's later singles 'Love Game' and 'Paparazzi' also did well in the charts, leading her to be nominated for 6 Grammys, at the 52nd Grammy award show!  The album shows the rise of celebrity lifestyle and what it's like to be in the spotlight as shown through the songs and the videos. The Fame hals also been listed on Rolling Stones 100 Greatest debut album list! Yay!  Debuting at number 17 in the billboard 200 list, peaking at number 2, after being on the chart for 62 weeks! It also spent 104 non-consecutive at number 1 on the dance charts, and gone 3 times platinum in the US, and 9  times platinum in the UK! The album is still a favourite amongst fans and the various club scenes all over the world! She was noticed for her outrageous style, however looking back she actually seems quite tame as to how she has developed over the years! 

The Fame Monster, originally supposed to be a rerelease of The Fame, was released in 2009. However Gaga decided against it as it contained 8 new songs that were all conceptually different that the original album! She herself described the pair as Ying and Yang, The Fame showed the rise of a celebrity and how the media react, whereas The Fame Monster showed the downfall of the celebrity which is ultimately what people want to see, "They want to see you rise to fame, and then fall in the same instant". However a deluxe edition was released containing both The Fame, and The Fame Monster albums! The lead single 'Bad Romance' was an automatic success, that is still loved by fans today and reached number 2 on the billboard top 200! The Fame Monster debuted at 5 in the charts, where the double disc deluxe version debuted at number 6, the album went straight to number 1 on the dance charts, replacing its predecessor! And every song on the album featured in the UK's top 110 chart! 

The 3rd album, Born This Way went in a complete direction to the previous two! The album was more personal to her, and her lead single of which the album names come from, paved the way to her creating the Born This Way Foundation! The foundation exists to empower youths, as many of them felt inspired by her inspirational lyrics throughout the album, especially in Born This Way, Edge of Glory and Hair. Released in 2011, the album finds itself heading into the electro-rock genre (which is amazing) and described as her "Freedom Album". The album debuted at number 1 and sold over 1 million copies in the first week! The album also replaced The Fame at the top of the dance charts.  it is rumoured that over 8 million copies of the album have been sold word wide, and was named number 6 on Rolling stones greatest albums of the year!  The four singles, 'Born this way', 'Judas', 'Edge of Glory' and 'You and I' all charted in the top 10, and Born This Way, became the 1000th song to reach the number 1 spot, since the chart began in 1958.

Now we've had the run down on her first three albums, I think it's safe to see we have enough information to predict some of our own results! I can pretty much probably guarantee that it will go to number 1 in the dance charts, and peek pretty high in the top 100! However, lets hope this leak hasn't hurt the sales/chart position of the album! 
Pre order the album now to make sure you get your copy and to help Gaga's place in the charts! She deserves a number 1 album! :D

Tomorrow we will meet up for the penultimate time, as our countdown has all but 2 days left! Check back to see what wonders I have in store for you

until then!

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