Holy Gaga guys, it's day 5 in the countdown and today we're going to be looking at the 5 greatest Gaga videos of all time (obviously in my opinion). Her videos often consist of multiple scenarios, outfits, a cheesey dance routine and strangely a lot of morbidity for a pop video, but they wouldn't be a Gaga video without it! So without further adieu..

5.  Released back in 2011 we have Judas, from the Born This Way album! A controversial song, and even more controversial video among the religious community it fixates on Gaga choosing between Jesus and Judas with a catchy dance routine in between!

4.  Back from the early days of Gaga, we have Bad Romance! Featuring the infamous dance moves, and fire cracker bra we all know and love. she recreated it at both Monster and Born This Way balls, sending all the fans wild, and is still receiving thousands of daily views on YouTube!

3.  Another one from the Born This Way album is Edge of Glory! Filmed entirely on a New York City fire escape, it was was one of Gaga's most anticipated videos for the album, featuring an exclusive piece from the Versace archive. Gaga was the first person in over 10 years to touch the clothes from within the archive, it's a good job Donatella is such a big Gaga fan!  I think it's almost safe to say that more than person has tried to recreate this video whilst walking down a flight of stairs!

2. Number 2 is  Telephone the video we have been waiting for the sequel for since it's release! Although I highly doubt that there will be a sequel to it now we can all still hold out with the tiny piece of remaining hope we have (sidenote to Gaga: Aura would be an awesome part 2 for this song. #StuffBeyonceInTheTrunkOfYourCar) This video is practically legendary, and if you don't know who Gaga is, I promise you will know this video, OR at least the song! Set in a prison that is ohso full of product placements! Beyonce bails Gaga out of jail, only to go on a killing spree in a local dinner! Featuring the infamous sandwich dance, and her sister! YAY!

1. Without a doubt Marry the Night has to be Gaga's greatest video ever! It's an artistic fourteen minute epic of her life, and how she never gave up! We see her fall, and then rise to become the legend she is today, It can be pulled apart and looked at in so many ways, but in my eyes it will always remain a working piece of art rather than a music video!

This list was too hard! So Here is a list of honourable mentions

And there we have it! Day 5 is over! Check back tomorrow where we will be on day 4 of our countdown to ARTPOP! and don't forget if you can't wait until then to hear it, the album has already leaked like a burst drain, so I'm sure you can find it somewhere online!

Until tomorrow xo

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