6 Days until ARTPOP!

Not only has Gaga has some pretty epic out there and amazing outfits over the years, she's also had some of the most hair in the music business! She changes her weave depending on how she is feeling each day, and to match what she is wearing! I'm loving that she has gone au'naturelle lately, the short brown hair really suits her! Anyway, lets look at 6 of the styles Gaga has donned over the past few years!

6.  Gaga's infamous diet coke can hairstyle, as seen in the Telephone video! 
A hairstyle that fans have been recreating for years at her shows, fancy dress parties, and just because they feel like it! I actually have tried it in the past, I'll see if I can find a photo out for you!

I recreated this hairstyle for the Born This Way Ball, but my hair wasn't long enough. Honestly one of my favourite Gaga hairstyles! It's simple but AMAZINGG!!! 

4. A recent hair style from the Applause music video
 Long lucious blonde curls are always perfect with a seashell bikini. Gaga looks as if she could be a blonde Ariel, who has just found her legs and well yeah, you know the movie! 

3. Green Gaga!
Gaga was obsessed with her green hair, she had so many different styles in this colour, including a few performances of hair! This colour really suits her!

 2. Baby faced pink and blonde Gaga! 
I can't actually remember how long ago this was, but I do know it was from a music award show! Platinum blonde has always been Gaga's signiture colour, but this time shes thrown some pink in there, and it makes her look even more adorable! 

1. Brown haired Gaga! 
Okay. I'll admit to having used this one because I wanted an excuse to have a picture of Gaga half naked rolling around in cake on my blog, however she does look amazing! Especially lately suring her performances of DOPE and Do What you want!

Gaga has described herself by her hair, and even written a song about it that was on her third album Born this Way!  Hair is an epic piano ballad that you can listen to below! 

O2 are streaming the FULL album from thier music app tonight, so head over to the site and stream the shit out of it. 

Tune in tomorrow where we will be on DAY 5 of our countdown!! 

Lady Gaga performing Hair on The Paul o'Grady Show

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