We have reconvened on day 7 of our countdown to ARTPOP, and today we're going to be looking at 7 of Gaga's best live performances!

7. Paparazzi at Capital FM

7th on the list is way back from our Mother Monster was starting out, when she sang Paparazzi live on capital radio! Even then you could tell she had a tremendous amount of power behind her small frame, and now four years on, we can see that the power she was harvesting has only grew!

6. Speechless at the VEVO launch event

6th is Speechless! A low key piano ballad for Gaga, but it doesn't stop her from putting on a show! I really love when Gaga just sits at her piano and just lets the lyrics fall out of her. It looks so effortless, yet you can feel all the energy and emotion behind it! Plus the leg on the piano! Oh Gaga!! <3

5.  Judas at the Sydney Monster Hall

The 5th performance comes from our Australian friends! When Gaga visited Aussie she performed a one of show for her Australian monsters, including her newest single JUDAS!

4. Teeth at the Monster Ball
4th on our list is Teeth performed at the Monster Ball in Madison Square Garden. Maybe it's the fact shes covered in FAKE blood whilst performing, or maybe just simply because it's one of my favourite Gaga songs. It always seems to get the audience pumped, and I love the dancers and how she gets involved with them.. "Some people say that Montana is not a religious woman.."

3. Gaga sings Venus and flashes her vagina in G-A-Y
Taking the third spot, is a single from her up and coming album, Venus! She recently made an appearence at G-A-Y and sung this in a giant old school nightdress, only to roll it up and flash her vagina and ass! Classy Gaga!! <3 <3

2. Venus and Do What You Want on the Xfactor UK
Another recent one holds the spot at number 2, this mashup of Venus and Do What You want, is pure brilliance! It's a dance song come ballad, its pure amazing and dare I say unexpected, especially the ending where she climbs up onto the piano and throws her heart, soul and guts into the lyrics! <33 

1. Born this Way, accapella on the HBO special! 

 Finally we have Born this way from the ending of the HBO Monster Ball special. It just proves that she can sing, and that she has fun doing it!

It seems like the days are flying by! The countdown is nearly half way through, which can only mean that ARTPOP's official release date is getting closer! Come back tomorrow for day 6 in the countdown, and don't forget O2 are live streaming the album tomorrow, so make sure to head over to their website for more info!

Peace out xoxo 

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