9 Days until ARTPOP

Okay, so this countdown hasn't gone to plan, for a start the album has leaked all over the place, however I am restraining myself from listening to it, until the official release date! The HQ album versions will be way better than any leak anyway!

Although the album has leaked, the show must go on... or in this case, the blog must go on! I have planned these 10 posts, so the posts will be posted! 

Lets carry on with our countdown, on DAY 9!

Here is a collection of my nine favourite Gaga outfits! (in no particular order)

 9. The crime scene tape outfit from the Telephone video! I have been saying for years that I will recreate this when I am skinny enough, and I stand by it! As soon as I am skinny, I will wear this outfit!

8. You may recognise this outfit from the Monster Ball tour, Gaga wore this whilst performing Love Game and Boys Boys Boys! I'm not quite sure why I love this one, although it does look like she fell in her shower, got tangled in the curtain and then thought EUREKA THIS IS MY NEXT OUTFIT!! If only we all looked that good in a shower curtain! 

7.  I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi! I have lost count on how many different versions of this dress she has! Rumour has it, she spent her entire tour budget on these dresses! I don't think it was the full budget, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was close! Nowadays, I'm sure the cost wouldn't even make a dent in her budget! If she wanted a a real life Katniss Everdeen fire sparking dress she would get it! In fact Gaga, I totally think you should make this happen! 

 6. My little rocker billy pony! A casual outfit for Gaga in this one! I can't remember where this is from, or what it was for, but with My little Pony hair, and a bad-ass biker look, she definitely can't go wrong! Please bring this look back! 

 5. Number 5 has to be her notorious meat dress! She was slated by the media, and animal friendly organizations as well as the public for months over this outfit, but that was only because they didn't understand it! She wore the dress as she accepted her award at the VMA's and later explained that she was  standing up for womens rights, making the statement that women are not a piece of meat. She also wore a fake meat dress on her Born This Way Ball tour! 

 4. Another outfit  I can't remember where it was first worn, but I can remember that it is fabulous! Back in her fame era when she was out there, but not OUT THERE! Nowadays, this is probably just something she wears on laundry day! "Ugh, I have no clothes! Guess I'll wear this old thing"

3. Gaga looking all presidential and cool whilst speaking about the 'Don't ask don't tell 'campaign  whilst not being too outrageous, she still sticks to her Gaga ways and stands up for what she believes in. The outfit is so simple, but it's also so Gaga! I would vote Gaga for President any day! 

2. We now have a more recent one, The seashell bikini that has become a signature of ARTPOP, first spotted in the Applause video, followed by an appearence at the iTunes festival and performance on the X Factor UK! It's not just the seashells that do it for me here, but look her hair! Her whole self in this is just OMG! UNFF!!! Okay, moving on..

1. Finally we have JO CALDERONE! Gaga's male alterego as seen at another VMA show, and in the You and I video! Gaga actually makes a hot and believable guy! I do hope we get to see more of Jo in the future!

There we have it, 9 of Gaga's most iconic outfits! Let me know what you think, and tune in tomorrow for day 8! 

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