Bonfire night.

This year is the first year that my family haven't celebrated bonfire night in 19 years, it feels kind of weird without having the big build up to the fireworks, waiting for it to get dark. As soon as the other people in the neighbourhood have stopped, my dad will go down to the bottom of the garden; his woolly hat pulled all the way down over his ears, with the biggest box of fireworks he could find! He likes to outdo everyone else's fireworks every year, and he also likes to outdo himself from the year before! He once bought this firework that went on for literally 20 minutes, all different kinds of fireworks were shooting into the sky, dancing there way through the clouds and exploding into sparkling patterns, leaving that distinct smell of burnt gunpowder lurking in the air!

I love the concept of bonfire night, everyone huddling up around a bonfire, watching the fireworks, toasting marshmallows, however I've spoken to a few people this past week and none of them knew why we even celebrated bonfire night! Now me being a giant history nerd was outraged at this, it's basic English history that you learn in primary school! Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the houses of Parliament to Kill James I on November 5th 1605 during the state opening, this was known as the gunpowder plot, but then their plan was discovered and stopped. Guy Fawkes then committed suicide shortly before his execution to avoid the pain of being hung. The fireworks and bonfire are to symbolise what didn't happen!

I don't know why we aren't having fireworks, my brother didn't really want them and considering it's his birthday it's probably fair. Neither of us really like them anyway, I hate loud noises and they bore Andrew, so I guess missing the fireworks wasn't too much of big deal! What I really missed was the atmosphere.

We did go to the Harvester though, so that's always a win! 

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