Christmas in London!

Christmas in London is always my favourite, and it's always great to make a day of going up into central, and gallivanting within its awesomeness!

Heres some pictures of what I got up to! 

First Stop was Marble Arch! It's big, it's archy, and it might be made of marble... FUN FACT: It used to be the main entrance gate for Buckingham Palace, but then they moved it. Yup.   
WINTER WONDERLAND!!!  A random pop up German themed theme park in the middle of Hyde Park! Rides, Food, and a christmas market! #SoMuchFun

TOFFEE APPLES!!! This is the second Toffee Apple I have ever had in my entire life, and it was amazing! I want to go back for another!

Daniel and I embraced our inner child, and went into a fun house, although it looks like that dokey is having more fun than we did!          

Daniel found his dad!

We then headed over to Oxford Street to see the infamous Christmas lights! They're so rad!! Giant Snowballs!! 
Peace signs and the Selfridges Christmas tree! Oh dear I really need my roots doing! #CRY! 

Penguins from the Selfridges Christmas windows! They were chilling with the Champagne... get it? Chilling? Hahaha

I taught Daniel how to save money. Just buy a scarf, as it can double as both a hat AND a scarf!  (Student Budgeting)

We found a cute little secret alleyway on Oxford Street, and it took us to this cute little secret street full of shops that were way too classy for us!

Check out my instagram if you want to see more pictures of my adventures! @IamKirstiekins

and tweet me some photos of your christmas expeditions! I would love to see what you guys get up to!

Peace out xo 

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