Lazy days and Mondays...

Tomorrow is Sunday, it's also the first time I will be able to relax and have a lay in bed all week! I wouldn't usually be excited about it, however it's the first real lazy day I've had  in a long time, and I have no idea what to do with it! I didn't really have any lazy days throughout the summer as I working nearly every day, and then I went back to uni, so I when I wasn't at uni I was working which meant I didn't have any time to do nothing! The only thing is, because I haven't had a day like this in god knows when, I think I have forgotten how to do nothing! My mind will not shut up, and it keeps telling me to do all these little things that I know I should do, but can get away without doing them for a few days! What I want to do is get up whenever I feel like it, watch some movies, read my book (A book I want to read, not one I have to read for uni), have a bath with my last remaining Lush bubble bar, maybe have a roast dinner depending on how I feel, and then blog a little before going back to bed and sinking into my memory foam mattress! But I know that is not what is going to happen, I will probably be roped into doing a million and one different things and then realising that its 10pm, and I need to go bed!
I usually like Mondays, but I fear that because I have been pretty much nonstop this week, if I don't catch up on my sleep/rest tomorrow I am just going to be a grumpy old bitch in my lecture on Monday, or completely miss it! I'm no stranger to lack of sleep, Insomnia has been an acquaintance of mine for years, but it comes to a point when you're so overtired that everything and nothing will piss you off. My body actually hurts from lack of sleep, or lack of relaxation, I need to figure out how to be lazy and do nothing and fast!

I really need this lazy tomorrow.

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