Macaroni Cheese and CV's

Is it acceptable to write 'macaroni cheese eating' in the interests/hobbies section of a CV?

I have written many CV's in my life, whether being practise ones at school, or the real thing, but I have always been stumped at the interests and hobbies section! I'm guessing the employer wants to figure out what kind of person you are, and what commitments you have without directly asking you, but this is also the place to make yourself seem as interesting as possible, the thing is... I'm not interesting! 

A hobby is something you do regularly for enjoyment and relaxation, the only thing I do regularly is eat macaroni cheese, and veg out on the sofa complaining about the world. I know that by writing this on a CV, my application would be completely disregarded, but they ask you to be as honest as possible, so if I can't write that, what am I supposed to write!? If I lie, I am going completely against what you're supposed to do, but if I tell the truth I'll come across as a fat macaroni cheese eating slob, with a blog, and I don't want them to know that I have a blog!

I guess in some circumstances it's okay to tell your potential future employers that you have a blog, if you're into fashion/beauty and trying to get a job in that sector, or if you review stuff and you want to work for the reviews section in your local paper, then it's a good idea to mention it! But even then I would be a little dubious about giving them my blog URL, because it's always going to contain a personal element that you don't want your boss to pry into!

Anything that makes you seem as interesting as possible can be put on your CV, as long as it's regarded as academic or cultured! Going to the cinema, art galleries, reading, looking at the stock market can all fit into these categories, but macaroni cheese eating does not, which makes me think a majority of all bosses have become power mad, think they are upperclass and that only academia can get you somewhere in life!

I hate that people are judged on how academic they are, and are automatically deemed as stupid, or not worthy, just because they aren't as academic or cultured as others; however I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a class system in the UK (the govt. think that its deteriorating, but if anything the class divide is just growing) and sadly, the further down you are, the less chance you have. If generation after generation of your family, have been at the bottom of the pyramid the only culture that is going to be passed down to you is where the job centre is, and a fake Burberry cap. As someone who lives in an area where pretty much everyone is a dole basher, I have had first hand experience with these families, and it makes me sad because if someone was to take these kids aside, and give them a push they could easily get out of the cycle and better themselves!

On the other hand, if employers weren't so stuck up and judgemental, more people would have opportunities that would get them out of these cycles. Which brings me back to Macaroni cheese eating, I know that is a bad example, but if more non academic/cultural activities were to be acceptable on CV's, less people would be intimidated by the idea of creating one.

This post has turned into something that I wasn't expecting, so I am going to leave it there.

Sidenote: I would like to point out, that just because I live in an area full of dole bashers, I am not one. I am a university student, who is looking for a christmas job, and struggling for interesting things to write on the ol' CV!  Maybe the conservative party will want me after reading this post, haha! 

Okay bye.

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