My lazy day

I posted a blog a few days ago, about how I was looking forward to my lazy day, but thought I had forgotten how to be lazy... Well this is an update on that post!

I successfully achieved my lay in bed, which is something I have been craving for the longest time, however as for the rest of the day I pretty much did nothing! Now I hear you saying, why are you complaining that you did nothing, isn't that what you wanted!? Well yes, but not when I literally felt like a potatoe all day! I watched Body of Proof non stop only taking breaks to eat! I felt so useless, and then when it came to going to bed, I couldn't sleep because I had done jack all day! 

I used to love my lazy days when I was 15, I took one whenever I got the chance! It's nice to have some quality time with yourself every now and then, but I think as part of growing up you tend to have less and less days where you get to do nothing, and then when you do get them you feel like you've wasted the day! 

I feel like I could have done so many important things yesterday, finished some coursework, written a short story, gone to the gym, or something else I could have benefited from, but instead I sat on my backside and ate!  Obviously I had to eat, but the amount I did was ridiculous... At least I figured out why I'm fat, I suppose that's something proactive. 
Oh, and I took a bath. 

Maybe I need more lazy days to remind myself how to be lazy, or perhaps there comes to a point in your life when laziness is just not an option anymore and the only real 'you' time you have is when you're sipping coffee and reading a book on your morning trek to work. 

Peace out xo

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