Orange Wednesday- Philomena

My friend Daniel and I have
developed a habit of going to the cinema every week for Orange Wednesday. It's a nice a habit, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than cocaine, so I don't mind getting hooked! (Side note: I do not use cocaine, I was making a funny).  This week saw Philomena, a movie we have both been wanting to see for a while and it was definitely worth the wait! Based on a true story Philomena Lee, is trying to find her son of whom she was forced to give up in the 1950's by evil nuns. Yes I said evil nuns.
She breaks her 50 year silence, telling Martin Sixsmith - News at ten,  the story of her  accidental pregnancy, her life at Roscrea and how she lost her son. We later find out that the nuns sold the babies of all the girls in there care for £1000 to Americans, and then burned every piece of paperwork to do with the events in a bonfire! Martin and Philomena then go to America to find her Son!

The movie is hilariously heartbreaking, and I recommend you watch it!

We then had a cheeky Starbucks, Gingerbread Hot Chocolates, with Soya milk a shot of vanilla, a smidgen of whipped cream with chocolate sauce and salted caramel flakes! Honestly I'm not fussy at all! But these didn't stop us from visiting Pizza Express and taking advantage on the Buy One Get One Free Pizza and doughballs! NOMNOMNOM!


Have you seen Philomena? let me know what you thought! 

Peace out xo 

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