I rely so much on technology, and in the smallest occurrence of anything not working, I practically have a mental breakdown! is this normal?

The same goes for the fact I pretty much take pride in knowing how to do a whole bunch of technology/computer related things, but the second I can't/forget how to do something, you would think I was being chased by an axe murderer or something!

I think it's just weird how twenty years ago people quite often didn't rely on technology (unless you were a business type person or something). You would have a standard TV with a handful of channels, a land line phone with cord, and maybe, if you were loaded/a business type person... a computer! I would be completely screwed, if I were to go back in time and find that the basis of my everyday life [as it is now] is virtually non existent! If I were to pull out an iPhone/Android Phone, everyone would be completely baffled as to what it is, what half of the features were, and would probably assume that I am the real life Doctor Who! But these days, to most people, a phone is an extension of themselves, their schedule, emails, reminders, photos, documents are all in a handheld device that can not only play your favourite music, but can also make phone calls!

My whole life would come to a standstill if I were blasted into the past, probably the same as if someone from twenty years ago randomly fell through the space time continuum into our world! But that then makes me think, if someone from twenty years ago were to come to our time, they would find a million and one technological advances, so imagine if someone from our time, were to go forwards twenty years, what kind of world will it be? We're already too lazy to actually do things so we ASK our phones to call this person, or we TELL our 1000+ channel TV to turn the volume up... its ridiculous!  

I hate technology because it gives us a million excuses to be lazy, and it teaches us to become dependent on things that could one day disappear, but at the same time I love it! I cannot imagine what I would do if the internet stopped working, half of my friends live in other countries, how would I speak to them!? What about Amazon! Where else would I be able to buy books for a penny!? and my blog! I wouldn't be able to post my random thoughts online for you to read.  You see the further we develop technology, the harder we're going to find it when it doesn't exist!


What are your thoughts? Share them below... whilst you still can.

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