The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This Wednesday, Daniel and I opted out of our usual Orange Wednesday mallarky,  and went to the Hunger Games double feature! Vue were showing The Hunger Games followed by the official release of THG: Catching Fire at midnight!

I've read all three of the books so I knew what was going to happen, but it really is something amazing to watch everything you have envisioned in your head, be played out on the big screen! However just because Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson reprised their leading roles in such a fantastic way, doesn't mean that the movie is in anyway better than the book! So many movies miss out crucial parts of the book that many of the fans want to see, so the book will always be better!

I had been waiting for the Catching Fire movie since I walked out of the cinema of the original movie, so it was great to finally see it on the big screen, but now I have to wait a year for Mocking Jay PART 1!  Yes if you hadn't heard, Mocking Jay is being split into two parts!  Okay movie directors, I get that it was a success for Harry Potter and Twilight, but you don't need to split the finale movie of every series into two parts (We all know its so you can make more money)

Anyway, the movie follows Katniss and Peeta visiting the districts under the watchful eye of president Snow, only to be thrown back into the arena as punishment for causing an uprising within the districts, with the threats of death to their loved ones, they have to battle against previous victors, forming unlikely allies along the way! Honestly, I felt as if they spent too much time faffing about with the before the games stuff, and then rushed through the rest of the movie, to a Breaking Dawn Part 1 style ending.

I wont tell you any more, as I will probably give too much away, but Jennifer's performance, along with everyone elses is just phenomenal. She is incredibly talented, and if you haven't seen her in anything else, I extremely recommend Silver Linings Playbook, and Like Crazy!

As well as going to the cinema, Daniel and I went to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a pre movie meal, that consisted of the best burger, fries and honeycomb milkshake I have ever had in my entire life, and I found out that I get student discount there, so I know I will definitely be visiting them sometime again in the near future...  and with the amount of food I am eating at the moment, I'll probably be visiting Topshop for some size 28 jeans too! LOL, but seriously my ass is massive. 

Check back next week to see what movie Daniel and I see, and to read my review on it! :)

Peace out xoxo 

                                                     Oh. We had cupcakes too! Nom..

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