Blogstagram 13. (Tenstagram tag)

My friend Rob tagged me in his tenstagram tag post, however I can't decide on 10 photos, so I've narrowed it down to 12. 

The aim of this is simple. Choose 10, (or in my case 12) of your favourite photos from your 2013 Instagram uploads, post them on your blog and then write something about this! 

And don't forget to tag someone in it!  I'm tagging my friend and awesome blogger Viki,  aka @niki_neko!   Go forth and multiply my friend!! 

1. I love this photo of me and my friends. I went a bit crazy and didn't really speak to them for a year, which was sad. But I'm loving being back, and this photo reminds me of their awesomeness. 

2. I went to Hastings in the summer! It was a lot different from when I went as a kid, but I still had a blast!  I love being close to the sea! 

3. I spent a lot of time in the park this summer! I took this photo whilst waiting for my friend. It's not the best photo I've ever taken, but I do like it! 

4. I attempted to walk to Central London from my house, along a canal!  We made it 9 miles before my friend gave up... Definitely going to try it again next year! 

5. Handing in my final piece of coursework from year 1.  Any uni student will be familiar with the sigh of releif once every single bit if coursework had been handed in! 

6. I went to France and had ice cream on the beach! It was the best ice cream ever!  

7.  My friend Mark bought me this amazing red velvet cupcake when we went to London Pride back in July! Ahhhh my friends know me so well. 

8. This blurry picture represents hope. I didn't get tickets to see Paramore at the iTunes festival, but I went anyway! I stood in the standby queue for 7 hours, only to have someone from the main queue ask me of I was alone and wanted her spare ticket! Not only did I get in, I got to the front and Hayley got down in front of me!!! (She also pointed and smiled a few times, and Jeremy winked at me and ahhhhh) 

9. I turned 21 this year, and anyone who knows me, knows that I am not your traditional flowery cake kind of person. My cousin, who makes the most amazing cupcakes/actual cakes made this for me! A giant red velvet minion, with 21 minion cupcakes! It was the best cake ever! Check out cupcake making Facebook here! 

10. I recreated my youth and died my hair purple again! I also got my tongue pierced!

11. Casually bumping into Taylor York as I came out of Oxford circus tube station, on my way to to the Tanya Burr meet up!  I showed him my Paramore tattoo, and tried to explain what it was, and he laughed at me, haha! 

12. I went to visit my awesomely cool friend Hannah in Manchester! It's officially the northest part of England I have ever been too! I met Hannah when I went to see Gaga at the MEN the other year, and we have been friends ever since! 

Well that was easier to do that I thought! Upload your tensitgram/blogstagram 13, and tag someone you know! 

Peace out xoxoxo 

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