California or...

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, especially when it comes to applying for my study abroad year. I have narrowed it down to California, with my top choice being San Francisco! I still have to pick two others which I thought would be easy, but it really hasn't been. I've been looking at all the different campuses available and I really like them all, but I am so confused about which one to pick! Fullerton sounds amazing, so that will probably be my second choice, however the third choice is really bothering me! I really want to go to California so should I just choose a random campus from there, or should I choose a completely different state entirely! I really love the campuses at New Paltz and  North Carolina!!

Here are some pictures I have stolen from google of the campuses/areas I have been looking at!

Either way I'll probably have an amazing time where ever I go, I just can't decide where it is that I want to go! How pretty do all the places look though!?

If you have any advice, or whatever let me know! Comment or tweet me or whatever! @Iamkirstiekins

Peace out xoxo

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