Can I have some help please!

In case you didn't know, as well as being an explorer of the internet I am a student! Yay me! It's great fun, but sometimes I just hit complete mind blocks and I can't write a single thing! I know this happens to a lot of people, but it really frustrates me because I am a writer and I am expected to write a masterpiece and hand it in the next day! 
With my History essays, I can just blag my way through it, because that's all an essay is! You're taking information you have learnt, and then writing something with a bunch of your opinions thrown in! But when you have to write something that is completely your own and you have a mental block that wont let you think past 'The cat sat on the mat', its a lot harder to get through it! 

Do any of you haver any advice how I can get past this? Coursework season really isn't the best time to get writers block!  How do you guys manage to write when you physically cannot find enough words to string together a sentence that has even something remotely to do with the story you want to tell!? 

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Please and thank you!

Peace out xoxo 

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