Christmas is supposed to be magical, and wonderful. It's a time for giving, and spending time with family and loved ones, so why do I feel like it's a big waste of time? 

I know everything changes as you grow older, not everything is as how you remember it as a child. There isn't that rush of Christmas Eve excitement, or the non stop feeling of butterflies when trying to go to sleep.   Everything has been replaced with that "oh it's just another Christmas" feeling, once the presents have been opened and the food has been eaten, all that is left is a feeling of emptiness, longing for a small amount of the magic that used to engulf you back when you were a kid! 

For some of us, that feeling still existed not much more than ten years ago, which is sad because 10 years isn't really a long time. I would do anything to feel that Christmas magic again, as I am sure many of you would too! 

If anything, these days Christmas is just a reminder of how old I am getting, and that I am running out of time. I feel like my life is slowly sliding past me, and I haven't done anything with it yet. 

I'm not trying to be a humbug because I love celebrating Christmas. I love buying presents, wrapping them, decorating the tree, and baking Christmas cookies, but none of ot feels the same  anymore. Maybe it is just an age thing, or maybe it's a me thing? I don't know. 

Merry Christmas


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