Inspirational people: To Write Love on Her Arms!

Welcome to the first part of what I hope will be many inspirational people posts! In these posts I will be highlighting some awesome people and organizations of whom I think are inspirational, and deserve more recognition for the good that they do!

Have you heard of To Write Love on Her Arms?
It's okay of you haven't because I am going to tell you about it now, if you have heard of it, then yay! Go you!

Twloha is an organisation that I have been following since I was about 15 years old. Starting out on MySpace in 2006 their aim was and still is to help people struggling with Depression, Addiction, Self Harm and Suicide.

The Founder Jamie Tworkowski wrote about his Friends struggle, and sold T-shirts to raise money for her treatment. As well as well as this they formed a Myspace page to attract the help of others. Soon after, many people started writing into the page with their own struggles; in an attempt to help one person Tworkowski ended up helping thousands more.

Now days, TWLOHA has their own website, and is now raising money to help so many other people; bands and artists including Paramore, Boys like girls, Miley Cyrus and Christina Perri have all been involved at some point, by either wearing TWLOHA shirts, and or performing on the TWLOHA tour.

I don't think words could explain how much I love TWLOHA, I randomly came across them at the right time, and I don't think my life has been the same since. I quite often buy new merchandise as a way to show my continuous support, and I hope that you will too!

As TWLOHA changed my life, I now only think its fair that I now try to change the live's of others. It is my soul and sole mission in life to save the world, which you can find out about here!

To find out more about TWLOHA, you can visit their website and follow their twitter!

So many people each year suffer from depression, addiction and self harm, in some cases leading to suicide. People shouldn't have to go through life feeling this way, they should know that there is help for them, however it often gets shoved aside due to more well known illness. I am not saying that depression is more important than diseases such as cancer, but it's still an illness, which many people don't recognise. 1 in 5 people suffer from depression, so think about that next time you are on a bus or a train, how many of the people around you are suffering and you don't know?

Please check out TWLOHA, and maybe donate or buy a shirt. You can also look at your local area and see what organisations are available near you.

Smile at someone today, it might change their life.

Peace out. xoxo

"Stop the bleeding. Rescue is possible. Love is the movement."


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