Notes of love!

If you've been on my blog at any point since I created it, you may have noticed the 'Notes of Love' tab I have lurking around at the top of my page, or the sign up thing on the side bar!

Notes of love is a campaign I created a few years ago, and I am now bringing it to your inbox!  If you have ever been on public transport in London and seen random note cards with quotes on, the chances are pretty high that it was me!  I started it at school, where I pretty much plastered the walls with quotes and inspirational stuff to try and make people feel better! School can be pretty hard for some kids, so I wanted them to know they aren't alone. But then afterwards I got to thinking that school is only a small part of your life, and if so many people are going through bad times in their life at that age, what about the older people, which is why I took to the streets and underground of London! (I even did a project on it for art class) 

Fast forward two/three years, I am still spreading joy, a lot of the tweets I receive on response are fantastic, however compares to the rest of the world London is pretty small, and if I want to help people all over the world, I need to go a lot further than London, which is why Notes of Love is coming to the internet! 

All I want to do is save the world, and it's hard when you're stuck in one place!  

The Internet is massive, which means I can help a lot more people, and that's all I want to do. 

You can sign up to receive the notes below, (don't worry it's not a scam to bombard you with spam mail, the only emails you will receive will be from me, sending you inspirational quotes) and if you know someone who could use a little inspiration and joy in their life, why not sign them up too! 

Peace, love and sausage rolls.
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