Ride along / The best waffle ever!

Last night I was invited to a pre screening of a movie called 'The Ride Along' which was amazing! I won't tell you too much about it because I might be assassinated for giving everything away! It's a typical Ice cube movie, starting Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Laurence Fishbourne. Kevin Hart's character, is a serious gamer, and in love with the woman that plays Ice Cubes sister, as he is training to be a cop, Ice Cube takes him on a ride along, where a lot of stuff goes down.Throw in some funny and a couple of booms, and its actually a pretty good movie, It's definitely a lot better than expected! I really recommend that you watch it... heres the trailer

Now for the waffles! 
After I saw the movie, Daniel (my cinema buddy) and I went to this dessert reasturant in Kingston called Creams! I felt as if I was being thrown back into the fifties and shot into the future, all at the same time! There was so much on the menu to choose from, but as you can guess, I chose waffles!   Waffles with chocolate flakes, and chocolate sauce sprinkled and drizzled on the top, with whipped cream and strawberries! It was magical!  They were light and fluffy, and my mouth is now watering just thinking about them! Imma have to go back sometime soon me thinks! 

Daniel being Daniel had an Oreo Milkshake, which he said was yummy!

If you haven't been to creams yet you probably should, and if you have you should go again! 
What's your favourite thing on the menu? 
Comment below or tweet me! 

Peace out xo

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