Golden Globes; Best and worst dressed!

I settled down with a mug of tea and indulged in the first major red carpet event of the year, the 71st annual Golden Globes. I have to admit, I was more interested in the red carpet than I was the actual awards, but I did find myself overcome with joy when Jennifer Lawrence won the first award for her role in American Hustle! American Hustle by the way, is actually a really good movie, I'm going to post about it in a few days so there is something to look forward to. Jennifer's role in AH was excellent and amazing, which is a lot more than I can say about her dress... hello bed sheet much?

Firstly, lets talk about some of the worst dressed celebs on this years red carpet, there isn't many of them, but the ones I've chosen are pretty scary. 

Oh JLaw, seriously a bed sheet? Don't get me wrong, she looks stunning, but the dress is a no from me.
Oh Miss Barrymore, if only you didn't let 6 year olds stick stuff all over your pretty red carpet dress. Although she does look like a pregnant 12 year old... Bless her little baby face!
I've seen you in better my dear Julia! It would have been stunning without the shirt... her hair is beautiful though!

Now lets have a look at some of the best dressed gals on this years Golden Globe red carpet! I hate to think of what would have happened if they hadn't of cleaned up the flood on the red carpet in time! 
Sofia Vegara was definitely my favourite at the event, the dress was stunning, and paired with that amazing necklace really completed her look. The only other accessory she needed was that smile!
She's got a lot of hate for this dress, but I think Lena looks amazing in this dress! The style really compliments her figure, and it's a lovely bright summer colour amongst the usual wintery dark colours!
I know it's not the official red carpet, but I couldn't resit this. Every one knows her as Alex Vause from OITNB, but  I know her as B-E-A-UTIFUL! Her dress is very her, I couldn't imagine her in anything other than elegance! And wow, I really am loving her black hair! Maybe it's a case of Black is the new Orange!?
Taylor Swift is always stunning at red carpet events, but with each event that goes by she looks so much more grown up! Our little Swifticles is growing up! 
                            I wasn't expecting a dress like this Kayley Cuoco! Doesn't she look stunning!!!?

If only Amy Adams had boobs. The dress is amazing though.
I. love. this. dress. It's so different and unique and its just amazing! I want this dress. Sandra Bullock is just phenomenal here. PHE. NOM. E. NAL. 

Last but not least we have Taylor Schilling looks amazing in green! It's simple neck line, with an elegant twist at the bottom! Taylor is such a pretty woman anyway, so she didn't need a massively fancy dress to get herself noticed!

Who was your favourite? Have I missed anyone you think I should have included? 
leave me a comment below, and lets talk fashion! 

Peace, love and sausage rolls!



  1. Love Kayley Cuoco, check out on Google her wedding dress. :)

  2. I think Lena's dress is stunnning! She looks so good, and the colour is lovely. I usually enjoy the unusual outfit choices the most but J-Law's is a little perplexing xx


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