Harry Potter studio tour!

If you haven't seen my fangirling online, then you probably have no idea that on Tuesday I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, and it was the most amazing thing ever! So here's the low down, on the best 3 hours of my life!

OMG the cupboard under the stairs, and the great hall, holy wow, the floor is actually real Yorkshire stone, and the tables, with the plates and DUMBLEDORE, and just ah! And all the costumes, the gates, OH THE GATES! The griffindor common room, and DUMBLEDORES OFFICE AND QUIDITCH ISN'T REAL!!!  THE BURROW!! POTIONS CLASS AND SEXY SEVERUS, Umbridges sickly pink office with the cute cat plates and omg the ministry! I KNOCKED ON 4 PRIVET DRIVE, and BUTTERBEER, AND DIAGON ALLEY, all the wands at the end and HELLO A MASSIVE HOGWARTS MODEL, that I wanted to steal and let my cat live in. I very almost nearly cried! 

As you can see, I'm still very excited about the whole thing! 

Here's some photos...

If you want to see some more, head on over to my instagram! @iamkirstiekins

Peace, love & Sausage rolls

The infamous cupboard under the stairs.

Wise words, from a wise woman

"I've always wanted to use that spell"

Harrys first uniform


The Great Hall

IT'S A WIG!?  Yeah I already knew that, but still. It still looks like Snapey, even if there is no face!


Magic is Might!

Where it all began..

Diagon Alley


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