Lazy days and Mondays: Why do we talk to the internet?

This is a question I have been asking myself for a while, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to it, at least for myself anyway. One of the reasons I have come up with is that we or at least I would rather be completely open and honest with complete strangers than people we actually know. The other is that, it is much easier to open a word document, type out anything and everything, and then post it. You can say what ever you want without being interrupted with points that make you think and doubt yourself, everything can just pour out onto a page, and then as soon as you click send it's gone. Sure anyone can read it, but the likelihood of it getting to someone you know is pretty slim, especially if you consider how many people there are on the internet.

By sending our personal thoughts into the unknown, we are spared the condescending "are you okay?" look, from the people who have read it, and the largely popular sympathetic hug and shoulder pat. I am not a dog, if I have just told you my innermost secrets and feelings I want a little more than a shoulder pat! That's where the internet comes in, you send your post out into the mass oblivion of cats, meme's and cheeze burger language, and in return you expect nothing other than relief from what you've been carrying around. On some levels, the internet is a therapist you don't have to pay for and that doesn't ask you stupid questions such as "How does that make you feel?" 

You can also find other like minded people from where ever in the stratosphere, of whom you can talk and relate to, which is great, because talking to a complete stranger who actually knows what you're feeling, can sometimes benefit you more than talking to your best friend of 12 years. I'm not saying this is exactly what is is for every one, but it is in the most part (from what I have figured out anyway.) I'm not saying that your best friend can't help you, but everyone understands different events and emotions in different ways, and someone who has been/is going through the same as you, can offer more of an insight than someone who hasn't.

I recently read an article in the newspaper, about a girl who committed suicide, of whom had posted pictures of herself self harming on tumblr. The newspaper then said that 'the girl could only live online' and that tumblr was promoting self harm, which in my opinion is crap. After I read the article, I felt saddened for the girl, she was obviously going through a lot of stuff that she didn't want to talk to anyone in person, so she found comfort online on a blogging website with members who quite possibly knew how she was feeling. She may have posted photos of self harm on there, but if news reporters were to stop looking for scape goats and being so narrow minded, they might have found that it was a cry for help. It might not have blatantly said it, but read between the lines a little. It's much easier to speak to someone who you can't see, than someone who you know who could tell others, and force you into doing something you aren't ready for/want to do. 

Saying that, if anyone needs to talk, then feel free to hit me up. I don't always have the best answers, but they aren't the worst either! 


Peace, love and sausage rolls 


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