Paramore break 10 world records - Ain't it Fun!

Today, Paramore released the much anticipated music video for Ain't it fun, and you know what? Yes it was! It was the funnest Paramore video I have ever seen! The second obviously being Misery Business... I died when that was released!

Anyway, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor broke 10 records in the video!
Most Clocks smashed in 30 seconds with guitars
Most Feathers Caught in 30 seconds
Most Vinyl records broken by 3 people in a minute
Longest time spinning a vinyl on one finger
Fastest time for 3 people to run through 10 banners
Most cartwheels in 20 seconds wearing boots
Fastest time to unwrap a mummy
Fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals whilst blindfolded for 30 meters 
Longest scream whilst riding in a convertible 
Most world records broken in a music video

Click each one to watch them do it, and then click HERE to challenge their records.
They are releasing more records in throughout Feb, so keep your eyes peeled.

And heres the video

Peace, love, and sausage rolls!

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