Study abroad application

Yesterday, at around 11.20pm I finally sent off my study abroad application. I could say it was a long stressing process but it honestly wasn't, the only thing I was stuck on, was the personal statement that I mentioned in a previous post! 

After staring at the string of sentences that barely made sense, my friend Cat offered to help, which makes her even more Awesome and Amazing than physically possible. We skyped about it whilst watching the Grammys which probably wasn't the best idea as conversations about why I want to go to America, turned into 'OMG did you see Katy Perry just then?' And 'DAMNNNN TAYLOR SWIFT'

By that point though it was pretty much done, and all what was left was me to send off the statement with my application. That was the part that I dreaded, I had to put down my three choices of universities to go to, I knew my first two were California and New York, but the third I wasn't sure about! I ended up choosing North Carolina mainly because the other one I could have chosen was Michigan, and it's really cold there! I know New York can be freezing too, but it's  so much more interesting that Michigan. 

I could have chosen to do one semester at one university, and the second at another, but that involves way too much effort. It would be great to visit two parts of the country, but I don't like the idea of having to haul everything across country not long after I've settled in one place! 

I'm hoping I get California, specifically San Fran, but I'll be happy with anywhere in the states (just as long as it's not the notorious gangsta university that has shootings like once a week.) 

I don't find out where I'll be going until the end of February, so I guess I'll be waiting until then! I can't wait!  

More updates coming soon! 

Peace, love & Sausage rolls. 


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