Study abroad personal statement

Writing a personal statement when you apply to university is one of the hardest things a student can do, so when I was told I had to write another when applying for my study abroad year, I almost had a heart attack! I know that I want to study in America, it was the reason why I applied for Kingston in the first place, but to have to explain myself to a person I have never met, and probably never will meet, is really hard! Going to America has always been my one goal in life, in the words of Marina "I'm obsessed with the mess that's America-a-a" and nothing is going to stand in the way of my dreams.  I know studying out there is going to be completely different from living out there, but it will give me a taste of what's to come, in hopefully the not so distant future. American history has always fascinated me, so much has happened in such a short period of time, so I would love to see all of the things I have learnt about first hand.

I have so much to figure out, I need to get out all of my emotions and reasons in 500 words, and I don't think I can do it. The whole next year of my university life depends on me not messing this up, and I am so scared that I am going to mess it up, that I probably will mess it up.

I have until the end of the month to get it done, but I am guessing the quicker I do it, the quicker I will find out if I can go/have a better chance of getting into the American uni that I want to.

Anyway, I guess I better start trying to come up with some ideas for it. If you have any tips or have written one in the past, please let me know, all help will be welcomed!

Peace, love & Sausage rolls.

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