To Primark or not to Primark?

Heres the thing, when it comes to buying clothes I am a giant snob. I don't want to buy cheap/knock off clothes that I know are going to fall apart after a few times of wearing them, which is why I usually always avoid buying clothes from places like Primark.

I learnt my lesson the hard way when I was 15, back then it was all about quantity over quality, and I would just try to buy as much as I could for £50. You could get a whole new wardrobe in Primark for that price, not that it would last you very long, because most  things would rip, get holes in, or shrink when you washed them.  After a year or so of bi-monthly shopping trips I felt like enough was enough, and vowed never to buy anything from Primark ever again. I fell in love with Topshop, River Island,and  H&M, and even though the prices kind of scared me at first, I soon realised that saving for what I wanted was worth it! The quality of everything was so much better and the clothes actually lasted more than a month! I have this Topshop jumper that I bought 2 years ago, and it's almost in as good of a condition as to when I bought it! 

I actually had to go into Primark the other day, I wanted to buy some cheap t-shirts, that I didn't really care about, and I have to say, that a lot of their stuff looks somewhat more up market then it used to. However I did notice that it wasn't as cheap as it used to be either, and I only managed to grab three things for £20, where as you used to practically be able to buy the whole shop! The quality on the tops that I bought was the same, if not worse than before. I have only had them a few weeks, wearing them a maximum of twice each, and they are already becoming out stretched with lose threads ect... 

I actually quite liked what I bought, and considered going back for more, until their quality started to show through. 

If you like Primark, then that's great for you, I'm not telling you not to shop there anymore, but I have had one too many bad experiences to willingly go back! I think I'll be sticking with Topshop!

What do you think? Comment below and stuff! 

Peace, love & Sausage rolls. 


George decided he wanted to get in the photo, and show off his gorgeous eyes!

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