Hello, is this thing on?

Due to the fact that my brain has melted into an abyss of darkness and sea monsters, I haven't posted any posts in nearly a month. I would apologise for this, but to be honest I really couldn't care less. I could come up with an abundance of excuses, however the truth in the matter is that I really didn't feel the need to string together combinations of 26 letters, in order to form perfectly written sentences about things I equally couldn't care less about. 

I started this blog, in order to write and give myself a voice in the chaotic world known as the internet, but it didn't go as well as I had hoped. You would think that I am complaining about readership and views, and whilst they weren't as high as I would have liked them to be, it didn't really bother me. What got to me, was the fact that I had let myself be taken in by the rest of the internet, and the further I fell the less my blog became what I wanted to post, and more what I felt like I should post.  

The post before this is a review of a make up kit I got for Christmas... A MAKE UP KIT! Do I actually have any interested in make up? Not really, it all confuses me and makes me feel sad. When I first started blogging I said that I didn't want to get sucked into any of that stuff, I wanted to create my own little corner and hail from it, sharing the words that I felt necessary. I think I realised that after I posted the make up review, and it forced me to take a step back and reevaluate not only my blog, but my own life. 

I am not going to stop blogging, because that would be silly. When I am passionate about what I am writing, I really enjoy it, which is what I need to get back to. So bare with me for the next few weeks as my caterpillar of a blog, is metamorphosing (is that even a word!?) into a butterfly, or at least a demon pigeon. 

Until then.  

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