15 Songs from my youth.

Whilst clearing through my iTunes library yesterday, I discovered a whole bunch of artists I hadn't listened to in forever, including what was one of my favourite bands; Bring me the Horizon. I later discovered, Bowling for soup and the amazing'ness of Bullet for my Valentine .

With that being said, I would like to dedicate this post to the forgotten songs of my youth.

Number 1 on my list is Slipknot //  Psychosocial. I was seriously obsessed with Slipknot, and this song was my 'I'm going to angrily walk to the bus stop, because I have to be around people today' song for a good few weeks, until something else came along!


Number 2 is Pray for Plagues // Bring me the Horizon, I really liked this song. Like REALLY. People thought I was nuts and kept asking me if I was okay.  Yes I was nuts, and no I probably wasn't okay, but liking this song had nothing to do with that.


Numero trios, is the infamous Bowling for Soup // Girl all the Bad Guys Want. I forgot how much I loved them, until I came across this song in my iTunes earlier.  "There she goes again with fishnets on, and dreadlocks in her hair" - That lyric is what inspired the summer where I wore nothing but fishnet tights and dresses!!


Nightwish // Astral Romance is the forth on my list.  They seemed mysterious, and I was trying to be mysterious. Plus, the very beginning of this song sounds like the Buffy intro!


Tokio Hotel // Monsoon... I don't even know why I liked this song.


Madina Lake // Here I Stand. This was another one of the songs I listened to whilst angrily walking down the street.


Hey Monday // How You Love Me Now. My iPod loved to throw this at me at least 4 times a day.


And that one song Kerrang TV, played a million times a day for about a month! Saving Aimee // Small Talk. I'm kinda gutted that Saving Aimee just kind of faded away into the oblivion of other new/rising artists.


I had Bullet for my Valentine // Tears Don't fall on repeat for what must have been at least 2 weeks, and then I forgot all about it, until now!


Jimmy Eat World // The Middle. This song gave me a lot of feels!


New Found Glory // Kiss Me  It was pretty much unavoidable back in the day, plus Hayley Williams is in the video... and I think it's Cassadee Pope that I can see lurking around every now and then too!


Silverstein // My Heroine  I don't think I ever stopped loving this song, in fact I still have an old school Silverstein shirt that I wear to uni sometimes


Boys like Girls // Great Escape I had a friend who was addicted to this song, so I was forced to like it!



I couldn't create this list without Escape the Fate // Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliche  


And last but not least, I give you The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // Face Down 

And there we have it, 15 songs of my youth I thought I had forgotten! As much as I loved/still love most of these songs, I am so glad that my taste in music as somewhat developed since then, haha! 

Why not send me the URL's of some songs from your youth that you thought had forgotten! 

Peace out xoxo 


  1. I used to listen the jimmy eat world in high school, that's a lifetime ago

    1. Same! I feel so old listening to them now!


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