Have you heard of Jac Vanek?

(I was mean to post this post back in January, but for some reason I didn't  #oops)

Just before Christmas, I discovered the awesome'ness that is Jac Vanek! I was scrolling through twitter/ instagram, or maybe it was tumblr, and someone had posted photo of a tee they had just bought that had  'In Pizza we Trust' written across the front.  However, as they hadn't posted a link, I made it my mission to find out who in the world made this glorious item... five minutes later I found Jac Vanek.

I was instantly hooked by the Jac Vanek website, and wanted to buy everything. I filled up my basket, and then patiently waited over the course of the next week, whilst I waited for my student loan to come in. As soon as it did, I went back on the website, and scoured through my basket finding the things I absolutely needed in my life!

I'm one of those people, that fill up their basket with everything, and then go through it later on to make sure I actually want/need half of the things I have added. Most of the time I dump half of it back automatically, but this time, I honestly couldn't decide what I wanted to un-tick in my basket.  I didn't want to get rid of anything, but as I had given myself a budget on what I was allowed to spend, I had to make an adult decision (boo) and force myself to remove a few things.

The Pizza shirt regrettably was removed, but that was due to the fact I had found two items I couldn't live without! As someone who is very anti-social and gets annoyed by everyone climbing up in my business in crowded situations, I could hardly put these two items back now, could I?

I'm so glad I bought them, and I am so impressed at the quality as well! I have had a few bad experiences with buying things online before (with other companies/designers) so I usually only buy from brands that I know and trust! The reviews I had read at the time, were all raving about the quality, shipping, and customer service they had received, which made me a little less nervous! 

I also loved that my order came with a life saving message, of which has become my daily 'note to self'    

If you want to view the infamous pizza shirt, have a look at some of the other stuff, or even buy the shirt and jacket that I have, you can do so right HERE, on the Jac Vanek official website. What better way to start of festival season, than to buy yourself some rad new pieces for your wardrobe! The bracelet at the top of this post is from Jac Vanek too, just incase you were wondering! There are some brilliant clothes available on there, so I know where I'll be going when I get my next student loan! 

Please check out their site, as I am sure you will be just as addicted as I am! 

Peace out xoxo 

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