My week in photos!

How quickly time passes, do you not think? It only seems as if I was writing my 'Go Ask Alice' post yesterday, when really it's been a week! I promised myself I would blog more often, but that hasn't really worked out for me, what with all the coursework that I have to do, and books I want to read. I shouldn't really be using coursework as an excuse though, considering I haven't been doing any of it, so much for me becoming a model student this year! It's okay though, I still have a year left at university, I can become the student of my dreams then.

As I have spent my week procrastinating, I have a lot to show you, so make yourself a coffee, and discover some cool things you could be doing, instead of crossing off jobs on your todo list! 

My friend Cat sent me a bunch of chewing gum from America, so I spent a majority of my week eating it and telling people how amazing it is. Guys, it's amazing! 
I'm part of a society at uni, that has a lunch every Wednesday. This Wednesday was the last of the term, so I decorated people in tinsel! TINSEL!! 

A five guys has just opened in Kingston, so of course my friends and I had to try it out! It was literally heaven in a brown paper bag! The veggie sandwich is so good... none of those veggie patty things, it's basically whatever vegetables you want, in a bun with cheese! AND THE FRIES. BEST EVER! 

I was going to work on some coursework, but then my friend bought the Game of Thrones board game into uni and well... we started at 3, and didn't finish until near enough 1am. #oops
And stopping to take photographs of raindrops on flowers is always a legitimate excuse to miss the bus, right?
George is still a baby, and he is scared to go out on his own, so I walk him around the garden on a lead! He will actually come running, if you shout 'walkies'. I think I may have turned him into a dog.
But he is still a cat at heart! 

No one can turn down a  Friday night game of Monopoly! I was the fish! (It was Simpsons Monopoly)
And I was winning... for one turn. Then I lost.

But I kicked some serious butt at Jenga! 

Buying something new, always means you have to spend at least half an hour playing with your cat inside the box that whatever you bought game in! 

What have you guy been doing with your week?  Has to have been something a lot more interesting than mine! 

Peace out xoxo 

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  1. Well that veggie sandwich just looks amazing, made me so hungry!

    1. It really was! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks!


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