Last week in photos.

Looking back through my phone, I noticed that I had done a lot more last week than what I thought I had. I have a memory like a sieve, so I take photos of a whole bunch of boring daily things, just so I can remember what it is I've done. Don't worry, I haven't got dementia, I just have so much going on inside my head, that there isn't enough room for everything. 

Anyway, I have decided to share a bunch of photos, of things I've done in the past week! Enjoy! 

My dad tried to grow his own Christmas tree; but it died. So I decided to decorate it, in order for it to fulfil its Christmas destiny.

Barbara Windsor and Alan Rickman came to visit.

I dyed my hair pink/evolved into the Candy Floss Demon of Terror.

I played the Game of Thrones board game, and I, well the Greyjoys were victorious! HUZZAH! I am the queen of the Squid people! 

I saw Godzilla, which was pretty cool. Although it wasn't even really about Godzilla. These two other things were looking for food, destroying the earth, and then Godzilla appeared, bitch slapped them, SAVED the humans, and then went back to the sea. WOW. 

Red Velvet cupcakes are the best! 

I SAT AT THE FRONT OF THE DLR!!  (A super awesome hybrid underground train, without a driver)

And hung out with these super cool people at... 


Where Cooper met this dude!

And Will met that dude!

And then we rode the cable cars, with a girl that had a chainsaw. She explained all the ways to avoid death in a cable car... Did I mention she had a chainsaw!? It was scary.

And then we ended up at Parliament. 
It was a pretty awesome week, and I just wanted to share it with some people. So yeah. Enjoy. 

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