Photo of the day: Candy Floss Demon of Terror

As part of my quarter life crisis, I have now dyed my hair bright pink. I've evolved from The Washed up Mermaid of Doom, to The Candy Floss Demon of Terror... >:D

I also have a bit of purple in there too, but you can't really see it in this photo. 

I used the Bleach London 'The Big Pink' and I am completely in love with the result. The same with the 'Out of the Blue' one I used last time. I have been dying my hair these crazy colours since I was about fourteen or fifteen, and I haven't found any products that compare to these.  Even their 'salon quality' bleach is nothing to be compared with. (I used it to get black out of my hair a few months ago, and the result was pretty much white). 
I would also recommend their 'washing out liquid' as it helped me get the blue out of my hair in just a few washes, which allowed be go pink! 

Basically. It's awesome, and if you want to dye your hair, use these guys. 

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