Flyleaf are back!

It was a sad day for Flyleaf fans around the world, when lead singer of ten years, Lacey Sturm, announced her departure shortly after the release of their third album [New Horizons]. On the bands website, she wrote, “I understand the phrase Memento Mori… Living life to the fullest in this season means to step down as the lead singer for Flyleaf” and that the band will tour the new album with the “beautiful and talented… Kristen May”                                                                                                 

Fast-forward two years; Lacey is raising her family, touring with the Whosoevers and working on her autobiography, and the rest of Flyleaf? Well they are working on their new album, fronted by the same, Kristen May, (former lead singer of Vedera, and badass knitter!) However, the album is being entirely funded by the bands fans. Flyleaf reached out on twitter at the end of 2013, posting a link to their pledge music page, asking fans to pre-order the album [before its creation] in return for merch, exclusive news, and signed copies of the finished product. Since then the band have raised more than their target goal and are promising to donate 3% of every pledge to World Vision.  
            For fans that have pledged, restricted news is available to them regarding the album, as well as exclusive downloads, including the latest single  ‘Set me on Fire’, and the photos from last weeks video shoot.  The new album, Between the Stars, will be released on September 16th, but for those that can't wait, you can listen to the new single right here! 

I love the bands new sound, and Kristen has done an amazing job on the vocals! 

If you want any more information, or want to pledge, you can find them right here! www.pledgemusic.com/projects/flyleaf

Let's just hope they tour the UK again sometime soon, a four year absence is long enough! 

Peace out xoxo 

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